We Focus.
MCNI has maintained its status symbol with exceptional respect from their valued end-users and business partners while being constantly updated with the evolving trend.

We Deliver.
The corporation has established over fifty (50) fully-operated showrooms and kiosks in the country today.

We Inspire.
For almost two decades, MCNI has touched and delivered every means of communication and entertainment demands of the Filipino people.


Emerging as one of the top telco retailer in the Philippines, Mega Cellular Network, Inc. (MCNI) is a pioneer in the field of telecommunication distribution. Headquartered in the heart of Manila, MCNI has been affiliated in providing telecommunication needs for the world's texting capital, the Philippines.

Situated in the most strategically-placed establishments, Mega Cellular Network Inc.(MCNI) has been fittingly recognized by the mall tycoons, SM, Robinson's and Ayala Malls as an eminent expert in the telecom industry


  • Vivo_MCNI_partner
  • Torque_MCNI_partner
  • Starmobile_MCNI_partner
  • Sony Xperia_MCNI_partner
  • Smart Communications_MCNI_partner
  • Samsung_MCNI_partner
  • PLDT_MCNI_partner
  • Oppo_MCNI_partner
  • O+_MCNI_partner
  • Nokia_MCNI_partner
  • MyPhone_MCNI_partner
  • Huawei_MCNI_partner
  • Cloudfone_MCNI_partner
  • Cherry Mobile_MCNI_partner
  • Alcatel_MCNI_partner


Having a well-renowned reputation from the various largest Network-Providers in the country, MCNI relentlessly dug numerous respected categories in the world of telecommunications.

“National Dealer” for Globe Telecoms || “Major Dealer” for Smart Communications || “Telco Dealer” for Sun Cellular || “Major Distributor” for PLDT || “Hall of Fame Award for Best National Dealer” from Globe Telecoms


As part of MCNI's strategies for corporate expansion, the company has undeniably persisted in its growth and development. Every year, MCNI upholds its objective to capture the heart of Manila and the rest of the Philippines through network expansion.

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